Sasha Obama’s Biological Father Signs $4M Book Deal-Barack And Michelle FURIOUS


Barack and Michelle Obama’s younger daughter, Sasha, has been the subject of quite the controversy since it was revealed that the couple purchased the sperm for her conception at a prestigious private bank that only collects and distributes nearly-perfect genetic specimens. The man who sold that sperm, Lawrence McMillan Sandstone, is making matters even more humiliating for the former first couple in the form of a book.

Sandstone’s publicist, Art Tubolls, told our inside reporter that the book will include some juicy details conservatives will love:

“The Obamas’ list of requirements was so ridiculous that there could only be one or two people in the country who would qualify. First chair violin and chess master aren’t two things you find on a resume. Mr. Sandstone has some unique and disturbing insight into the nation’s first real black power couple.

He also has some details about the night Sasha was conceived that may read better under a title with ’50 Shades’ in it. They demanded he impregnate her the old-fashioned way.”

The Obamas are reportedly set to file an injunction in federal court for breach of contract since his silence was part of the deal. Sandstone says he’ll gladly return the $175K he received from then-Councilman Obama. Not a bad tradeoff for the $4 million payday from Rand McNally plus the added advantage of being the man that publicly humiliated those treasonous Muslims.