Another Of Roy Moore’s Accusers Goes Down In Flames


The third of five women accusing Chief Justice and soon to be US Senator Roy Moore of sexual assault and pedophilia has been exposed as a complete fraud. Helen Marikova-Spindlesmith, known more recently as Desi Matthews, has admitted to being paid more than $100K in cash from an anonymous source. Her lawyer, Marcus Howe, says she was just trying to start a new life:

“My client is willing to cooperate with authorities but has no idea where the money came from. We suppose it probably came from a Democrat or one of their supporters. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the two remaining women are the ones Moore admitted to statutory raping. These other three women will have their five minutes and become collateral damage.”

Howe is most likely referring to the Clinton killing machine. You can be certain that if they were involved in any way with setting up Justice Moore that those three women are as good as gone. Especially without their cash payoffs to start over with.

Roy Moore was young at heart in his early thirties and in his time in the south, things worked a little bit differently. If we start holding people responsible for their past actions rather than allowing them to be who they have become, we are robbing ourselves of our own history.

We must always push forward. We must never forget. But for the Grace of God go I. Be ready to defend your homes and your guns when the Deep State changes the 25th Amendment and Obama is running with Hillary Clinton as his Vice President. Until then, support Chief Justice Roy Moore. It’s your duty as a Christian.