Little Caesars Has Brutal Reply After Muslim Issues $100 Million Threat Over Pepperoni


A Michigan man was beyond disgusted to learn that his local Little Caesars restaurant had fed him pork pepperoni when it was supposed to be “halal.” Although he threatened the eatery with a $100 million lawsuit, he would later be left shocked by the chain’s brutal response – and now, he’s even more furious.

Little Caesars (left), Mohamad Bazzi’s attorney, Majed Moughni (right)

Mohamad Bazzi, a Muslim man from Dearborn, Michigan, walked into Little Caesars with his wife and ordered some pepperoni pizza. He ate about half the pizza before realizing that something was a bit off. As it turns out, the restaurant actually offers a “halal” style pepperoni because of the local Muslim population – but Bazzi didn’t have that on his pizza. Daily Caller reports that he had chowed down on a slice before realizing that he was eating pork.


Furious, he left, but it wouldn’t be the last the restaurant would hear from him. A whole three days later, he drove to the police station to file an official report. According to Bazzi, he had been “defrauded and wondered how many other people may have been unknowingly eating ‘Pork’ that defendants sold as ‘Halal.’”

However, things were far from over after the filing of his police report. The Muslim man saw an opportunity and decided to head back to the same Little Caesars location and order yet another pizza. Of course, this time, it also had pork pepperoni on it, causing Bazzi to have a public meltdown before seeing an attorney about what legal action he could take.


According to Fox 29, the Muslim man has filed a lawsuit for $100 million against the chain – but he probably shouldn’t hold his breath. Although he’s already been branded a greedy opportunist, the Little Caesars corporate office has since dropped a brutal reply that Bazzi surely isn’t going to like.

Killing them with kindness at first, the statement eventually drops a bomb as it reads, “Little Caesars cherishes our customers from all religions and cultures, and the communities we serve are very important to us. While we can’t comment on pending litigation, we take this claim very seriously. At this time, we believe it is without merit.”

In short, Little Caesars is calling the Muslim man a big fat liar. Furthermore, as more of the facts of the case come out, it looks like that’s exactly the case. From the sounds of it, Bazzi went in and ordered a pizza, expecting that the cashier would know he wanted a “halal” version.

Of course, he was handed what he ordered – a pepperoni pizza. Now, Bazzi claims that he only realized that it was pork pepperoni after a few bites because he used to work at a pizza place and knows the difference between that style and beef. However, one has to wonder, if he knew the difference, it would have been through sight, not taste seeing how Muslims don’t eat pork – so, why did he still take a bite?

Little Caesars Has Brutal Reply After Muslim Issues $100 Million Threat Over Pepperoni
Clear visual difference between pork (left) and beef/”halal” (right) pepperoni when cooked

Along with that, Bazzi later tried to get a cashier to put a “halal” sticker on the box after realizing what he had eaten. So, when it comes down to it, there were several ways this Muslim should have known he was eating pork pepperoni but chose to ignore them in hopes of making $100 million.

Sadly, we see this all too often when it comes to entitled members of society – people trying to take advantage for a quick buck. Too bad for Bazzi, the truth is out, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to see a dime.


That’s what you get when you decide to lie about something. Personally, I think the courts need to teach this man a lesson in order to ensure he doesn’t try to falsely accuse anyone ever again. Maybe, when the dust is settled, they should be forced to pay Little Caesars’ legal fees accrued on behalf of defending themselves against Bazzi’s false claims. My guess is, after that, he wouldn’t try something as dumb and destructive in the future.